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The suction system provides safe and reliable fluid collection in all operations and areas of the healthcare facility. suction bags are available in 1000ml and 2000ml sizes. They are made of thin yet strong polyethylene film, making the system safe, hygienic and durable.

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Jiangsu Bornsun Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. engaged in medical device research, manufacture and marketing. The R&D team led by M.D. and senior engineers adhere to market-oriented, science and technology as guide, constantly develop the high-tech products. meet the special requirements of respiratory, anesthesiology and emergency clinicians.

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Future Development Of Medical Devices

With the current accelerating trend of medical equipment, the medical equipment industry needs to design from the perspectives of individualization, intelligence, and mobility. On the one hand, these perspectives can promote social development needs. On the other hand, these three points will als...

October 19-25, 2020 “medical Device Safety Publicity Week” Theme “safe Use Of Equipment To Protect Health”

[Medical equipment]: Refers to instruments, equipment, appliances, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials, and other similar or related items used directly or indirectly on the human body, including the required computer software; its utility is mainly obtained through physical m...

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